People & Culture

At Simba Technologies, our greatest strength is our people. We build. We challenge. We connect. And we collaborate as a team. We acknowledge contribution, we celebrate wins, and we invest in our people to ensure mutual success. Simba Technologies offers educational allowances, lunch-and-learns, leadership training, and mentorship.

Learn more about What can you do here?

What can you do here?

At Simba Technologies we bring together talented, hard-working, smart and fun-loving people. We achieve. We laugh. We appreciate. We celebrate.

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Learn more about Benefits and Perks

Benefits and Perks

We want our employees to not only work hard and enjoy their time at Simba, but we also believe it is important that everyone has peace of mind for some of the things in life we may not be able to control.

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Learn more about Our Culture

Our Culture

We are about Teamwork, Excellence, Challenge, and Honesty

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Learn more about Diversity


We are growing fast, we are multi-cultural, and we are always on the look-out for the best minds to join us at Simba.

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Learn more about Students


We welcome and mentor students from a number of Universities, so that they will be ready for the next step in their careers.

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Simba Careers

We are always looking for top talent to join our team! So what do you have to do to prepare for our interview process?

You may experience four different stages of our hiring process:

Application – Click on the link above and review the positions that we offer. You will apply directly and seamless to our HR Department with your cover letter and resume submission.

Pre-screening – You will be contacted by a member of our recruitment team if your skills and abilities suit the position you have applied for. This will be an over the phone interview and may include a technical screening component. If you are successful here, then you will be invited to our formalized interview process.

Interviews – An interview panel will meet with you to further assess your technical abilities, work background and mutual fit to Simba. If you are successful here, then you will be invited to interview our CEO, where you can help self-determine the match for yourself and Simba.

Offer – Once you have successfully finished the three stages of the interview process, you will be offered an opportunity to join Simba.