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ODBC and JDBC Driver development gets easier with SimbaEngine X SDK v10.1

ODBC and JDBC Driver development gets easier with SimbaEngine SDK v10.1, the next minor release of our ODBC and JDBC driver development environment.  This SDK minor release contains several features designed to make life easier for developers who use our SDK to build drivers.  In addition, there are security, quality, and performance improvements. INI configuration file on Windows Read the full article

Benefits of Java SQL Engine in SimbaEngine X

Today we have released SimbaEngine SDK X, v 10.0.6, the next minor release of the SimbaEngine X SDK, containing the new Java SQL Engine. The Simba SQL Engine is a high-performance, standard-compliant SQL parser and execution engine.  It is designed to allow our customers to build drivers for data sources that are not fully SQL Read the full article

Performance Improvements in SimbaEngine X SDK, v.10.0.5

In SimbaEngine X, v.10.0.5, we are pleased to announce a significant performance optimization in our support for equijoins, the most commonly used means of aggregating data from two different tables both in SQL and NoSQL data sources. The SQL Engine feature in SimbaEngine SDK is used to convert standard SQL to your data source’s native Read the full article

ODBC Escape Sequence Parser in SimbaEngine SDK

ODBC and JDBC specifications define escape sequences to standardize syntax for the data source-specific features, such as timestamps, joins, LIKE predicates, scalar functions and procedure calls. Escape sequences simplify the data consumer application logic by allowing them to use the same syntax for accessing different data sources which may not fully support the SQL standard. Read the full article

Introducing SimbaEngine X: ODBC and JDBC driver development environment

The Simba Engineering team has been hard at work on the new and vastly improved SimbaEngine X —the engine that powers all Simba’s ODBC and JDBC drivers, and numerous drivers built by our partners. SimbaEngine X is the most robust, feature-rich, and easy-to-use ODBC & JDBC driver development environment that has been validated and endorsed Read the full article