Building an ODBC Driver as a Server

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With the Simba Technologies SimbaEngine SDK™, you can build your own custom OBDC, OLEDB, JDBC, or ADO.Net driver to connect your data source to any application, but did you know that you can create a driver that runs on a server with the switch of a configuration setting? Here’s how… … Read More

Simba MongoDB Extension for Lumira

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As promised in our webinar “Connect SAP Lumira to MongoDB Data with the Data Extension API“, we are providing Simba MongoDB Extension for Lumira for you to download. This extension provides native access to MongoDB from SAP Lumira via the Simba MongoDB ODBC Driver, allowing you to analyze your data in MongoDB … Read More

Simba’s Tableau Certification for your ODBC Driver

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Every day we hear from data source providers that have asked Tableau for advice on connectivity. Our answer is the SimbaEngine SDK™ and Simba’s Certified-for-Tableau Program. Using these tools, we have helped companies get a POC running in 5 Days and into production in as little as 6 weeks. When you … Read More

Teradata Presto

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I am at the Teradata Partners user conference this week and one of the highlights is Teradata Presto.  Presto is an open source SQL Engine that comes from Facebook.  Teradata has partnered with Facebook to provide development as well as enterprise class support for Presto.  Presto is interesting in that … Read More

How to Setup Couchbase as a Linked Server in Microsoft SQL Server

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Couchbase Server is a fast and scalable NoSQL solution. It can reduce the cost and complexity of building technology stack that scales from a mobile device to a data center supporting millions of users. But unless you are a startup building a technology stack from scratch, implementing Couchbase will require … Read More

Making Data Work at Strata + Hadoop World NYC 2015

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This year’s Strata + Hadoop World in New York City was all about “Making Data Work.” The key word: “Work,” which epitomized Strata 2015’s pronounced “business-y” tone. Perhaps it has something to do with location (New York compared to say, “perhaps-slightly-more-distanced-from-enterprise-reality” locales like Silicon Valley or Las Vegas), but the … Read More

Simba continues to lead with ODBC and JDBC for even more Big Data and NoSQL data sources

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I am excited to be at the Strata Hadoop World conference in New York this week.  Today, Simba announced ODBC and JDBC drivers for products like Microsoft SQL Server, Amazon redshift, and Amazon DynamoDB.  Although we officially announced these drivers today, some of them, like the ODBC Driver for Microsoft SQL … Read More

Multidimensional data analytics with Teradata OLAP

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In today’s data driven world, analyzing data is key to success.  Analyzing data across multiple dimensions has always been an important concept and one of the major tools to do this has always been Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables.  To support multidimensional data analytics with pivot tables requires the ability to … Read More