ODBC Driver Testing and Validation for Tableau BI

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In order to build engaging visual analytics that help people understand their data, Tableau BI software relies on an ODBC driver to provide a broad set of capabilities. Simba ODBC drivers have been bundled and shipped with Tableau BI software since Tableau version 8.2. Simba engineers know that seamless connectivity … Read More

Connecting Power BI Designer to Hive using Simba ODBC driver

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This demo walks you through the steps required to setup Simba Hive ODBC driver and connect Microsoft Power BI Designer to Hive data source. You will also see a short demo of Power BI Designer data cleanup features and the use of native Hive Query Language. Sample connection strings SQL-92 … Read More

Hadoop Summit 2015: A Retrospective from Exhibit Hall Booth S13

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This year’s just-wrapped Hadoop Summit 2015–particularly the exhibit hall–was somewhat subdued compared to last year. Yet attendance was up at least 10% over 2014. Could attendees be suffering Hadoop-fatigue? Or just tradeshow-fatigue? More reasonable explanation: Hadoop’s not a novelty anymore, and as adoption has climbed, attendees seek out optimization counsel, … Read More

Couchbase Connect 2015 highlights

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Couchbase Connect wrapped up last week, and I had the pleasure of attending and giving a workshop and presentation showing off the Simba Couchbase ODBC and JDBC drivers that allow users to query data via both N1QL and SQL. At the conference, Couchbase announced that version 4.0 is now Beta, … Read More

How to write a custom ODBC driver

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Simba is in the business of helping people write custom ODBC drivers.  If you work for a company that builds a new data engine, one of your biggest challenges will be to build a standard interface such that reporting tools like Excel, QlikView, and Tableau can connect to the data … Read More

Couchbase ODBC and JDBC Connectivity Solutions – Beta now Available

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Exciting news! Couchbase Server 4.0 Beta was announced this morning at Couchbase Connect 2015 currently taking place June 2 to 4 at the iconic Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara. Simba and Couchbase are also happy to announce the availability of the Beta releases of the ODBC and JDBC connectivity solutions at the same time. … Read More

HBaseCon 2015 highlights

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May is conference month and the memorable event–for all the ideas and progress over the past year–for me was HBaseCon. HBase achieved a milestone earlier on this year with the release of 1.0. Note that the rolling upgrade feature from 0.96 makes this and future upgrade a very reasonable proposition. The recent highlight for … Read More

Mapping MongoDB Nested Documents to SQL schema

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Different ways of mapping MongoDB’s nested documents to relational schema, allowing analysis via BI tools and SQL