Couchbase ODBC and JDBC Connectivity Solutions – Developer Previews now Available

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For the past few months, Simba has been working with Couchbase, Inc. to jointly deliver ODBC and JDBC connectivity solutions for Couchbase Server. In conjunction with Couchbase’s Developer Preview release of Couchbase Server 4.0, we’re happy to announce that the Developer Preview versions of the connectivity solutions are now available for … Read More

New Webinar Recording — “Analytics at the Speed of Spark: How Concur Books It with SAP Lumira, Apache Spark, and Simba ODBC”

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Concur handles expense reports. A LOT of expense reports. Think billions. As the world’s leading provider of spend management solutions and services, Concur delivers scalable T&E services for millions of companies from small to F100. And that requires processing a LOT of data. Think trillions. For analytics at such a … Read More

Survey of the Smartwatch market

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The past weekend was Europe’s transition to daylight savings time. The past three weeks is what I term the ‘funny spring times’ when North America and Europe’s timezone differences are ‘off’ because of the differences between when each continent enters DST. Trans-Atlantic conference calls are out of kilter based on which timezone the call was scheduled from. It’s also a good … Read More

Life at Simba: Breaking Out with the Simba Escapologists

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Being part of Simba gives you chances to explore not only the realm of any data, anywhere, any time, but also to engage yourself in the most up-to-date events happening around the world. Just recently, we took a break from engineering our world of data, and transformed ourselves into the next Sherlock Holmes-like … Read More

Strata Hadoop World 2015 summary

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This year’s opening event on the Big Data circuit–Strata Hadoop World–was prefaced the day before by Pivotal’s swath of announcements around the Open Data Platform, the open sourcing of Pivotal’s own SQL-on-Hadoop engine Hawq, etc. You can re-watch/read about it all here. By the time I landed in San Jose Tuesday afternoon, … Read More

Hadoop, Stormtroopers, and Flash Mobs, Oh My! A Strata + Hadoop World 2015 Recap from the Exhibit Floor

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Another Strata + Hadoop World event has come and gone, and well, what can I say, other than this is (yet again) one way to spend your VC funding. (“Oh. Another flash mob. Yaaaaaaay…”) Yep, performances every 45 minutes or so Thursday. Tricky to finish conversation when the catchy “thumpa-thumpa” … Read More

“It’s not About Big Data, it’s About More Data Sources”

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I stole the title of this post from a blog post on the Sisense website.  The people at Sisense really get it about analyzing data.  The post I refer to has some very important points: 1. “What’s actually going to be the most distinctive part of this trend will be … Read More

Apache Spark continues to make inroads

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I was reading a good article on Datanami entitled “Apache Spark Continues to Spread Beyond Hadoop“.  This is a good overview of how Apache Spark is gaining traction.  Simba has worked with the folks at Databricks from the early days when we had Spark and Shark.  Shark has now become … Read More