Data Wrangling – a very important part of data management

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I was recently reading an article entitled “An Introduction to Data Wrangling” by Stephen Swoyer at TDWI.  Stephen interviews Stephanie Langenfeld McReynolds at Trifacta.  One interesting quote from Stephanie is “The work that you do with data wrangling others would call ‘data plumbing’ or even janitorial work, but when you … Read More

Introducing the new Simba Cassandra ODBC Driver V2

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Today, we announced the launch of version two of our Cassandra ODBC connector. The release introduces several new features, including: Mac Support – Lets Mac users connect directly to Cassandra data clusters. ODBC 3.8 Support – This is the first ODBC 3.8-compliant Cassandra driver in the market, and it takes advantage … Read More

Have a Happy New and denormalized Year…

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Gosh, it’s been almost a year since I last touched on the subject of JSON. But a couple of articles crossed my path that I think are worthwhile to reflect on so I’m going to share them here: TDWI had a good piece on the necessary evolution of data warehousing in the present era of denormalized … Read More

Free Download – Simba MongoDB Extension for Lumira

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As promised in our most recent webinar “Connect SAP Lumira to MongoDB Data with the Data Extension API“, we are providing Simba MongoDB Extension for Lumira for you to download. This extension provides native access to MongoDB from SAP Lumira via the Simba MongoDB ODBC Driver, allowing you to analyze your data … Read More

To MongoDB and Back – An SAP Lumira Data Access Extension API Case Study with Simba Technologies

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SAP Lumira lets you unlock the full potential of data with stunning, interactive visualizations. But what do you do when that full potential is contained in a new data source? In this engaging, interactive webinar, data experts from SAP’s Lumira team will introduce SAP Lumira’s Data Access Extension API, and … Read More

The Simba Technologies Spark ODBC Driver is Ready To Go!

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m4s0n501 Today, Simba Technologies Inc. announced the launch of its innovative Spark ODBC Driver version 1.0.2. The Simba ODBC Driver with SQL Connector for Apache Spark is used for direct SQL and Spark SQL access to Apache Hadoop / Spark distributions, enabling Business Intelligence (BI), analytics, and reporting on Hadoop-based … Read More

Simba Gets Crafty

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As software engineers, we aren’t often presented a chance to express our artistic talents…at least when it comes to sculpting. Not so at Simba! Every year, in the week before Halloween, Simbians and their friends and families show off their creative skills in the annual pumpkin-carving and potluck party as … Read More

Life at Simba: AYCE Sushi Lunches

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  If you ask most Vancouverites what the quintessential cuisine is for Vancouver, you’ll likely be told “sushi.” Located in the heart of Vancouver, Simba Technologies is surrounded by the mountains to the north, the ocean to the west, and a plethora of Sushi restaurants. What better way to celebrate … Read More