Remote Data Access on Mobile Devices: Overview & Best Practices

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Remote data access on mobile devices presents developers and users with a number of unique challenges not found in server or desktop environments. Unreliable network connections, battery life optimization, and security implications are the major factors that need to be considered by developers and end users. This post gives a brief overview of these issues and offers some best practices.

Connecting Microsoft Power BI to Amazon Redshift using Simba Redshift ODBC Driver

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This video shows you step-by-step how to configure the Simba Redshift ODBC driver, then connect to Amazon Redshift using Microsoft PowerBI Desktop and create a simple visualization.

What Today’s SAP Analytics-Simba Announcement Means: Seamless ODBC Connectivity Paired with Powerful BI

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Today, Simba announced that its connectivity platform has been licensed by SAP for use with SAP’s Analytics suite. The agreement is comprehensive–On the analytics side, the deal covers SAP’s entire Analytics Division line of products. Quoting today’s press release: Through this agreement, Simba extends unlimited licensing of the drivers to … Read More

The future of Hortonworks and Hadoop

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I was reading an article by Dan Woods at titled “Can Hortonworks Dominate The Hadoop Market?”  Dan analyzes where Hadoop market and where Hortonworks fits into the scheme of things.  This is good analysis to see where the Hadoop market is today and where it can be by 2020.  … Read More

Setting up a Virtual Private Cloud on AWS: Our experience

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35 days. As part of benchmarking our ResultSet compression protocol, we wanted to set up our own private network on AWS. 35 days. That’s the number of working days it took for us to get a working virtual private cloud (VPC) on AWS. Why so long you ask? Great question! … Read More

New Case Study: Why Couchbase Chose Simba ODBC and JDBC Drivers for Couchbase Server

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Simba ODBC, JDBC Connectivity Makes it Easy to Connect Any Data Source to Leading NoSQL Database Couchbase delivers Couchbase Server, the high-performance, open-source NoSQL distributed database. Developers around the world use Couchbase to build enterprise web, mobile, and IoT applications that support massive data volumes in real time. Couchbase is … Read More

Guest Post: Connecting to Salesforce Data Through SAP BusinessObjects with an ODBC Driver

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Mitesh Shah is a senior Business Intelligence consultant for Decision First Technologies, a BI consulting firm and SAP gold partner. Shah recently evaluated ODBC connectors for Salesforce data access via SAP BusinessObjects from different ODBC driver vendors. His assessments are candid and thorough. In the end, he endorsed the native ODBC driver that … Read More

ODBC Driver Testing and Validation for Tableau BI

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In order to build engaging visual analytics that help people understand their data, Tableau BI software relies on an ODBC driver to provide a broad set of capabilities. Simba ODBC drivers have been bundled and shipped with Tableau BI software since Tableau version 8.2. Simba engineers know that seamless connectivity … Read More