Recapping Cassandra Summit 2014 (featuring CQL3)

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It must have been a busier than usual week in San Francisco last week. (Or at least when you check in to your hotel and the attendant asks you which of three conferences you’re visiting for, I figure it might be an atypical week.) The 2014 Cassandra Summit was at the … Read More

Now Available: Simba Technologies Google BigQuery ODBC Driver with SQL Connector v. 1.1.7

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Version 1.1.7 of the Simba ODBC Driver with SQL Connector for Google BigQuery has been released. The release introduces new features (ODBC 3.8 support) and enhancements (you no longer need to set environment variables to pick up the correct dependencies on Linux and Mac). For more details, check out the … Read More

Connecting Apache Hive™ to ODBC/JDBC Applications: A How-to

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(This Simba Technologies-authored post is published at MapR. Read it in its entirety here.) The MapR Distribution including Apache™ Hadoop® employs drivers from Simba Technologies to connect to client ODBC and JDBC applications allowing you to access data on MapR from tools like Tableau with ODBC or SQuirreL with JDBC. … Read More

Connect Tableau to MongoDB, Salesforce, Cassandra, and…Well, Just About Anything

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The good folks at Tableau Software (@Tableau) recently released v8.2 of their flagship analytics software, extending their reach to the Mac platform. Even cooler, Tableau chose Simba’s ODBC technology to power SQL connectivity for the solution, embedding Simba code into their Mac-platform offering. (They liked Simba connectivity so much they put their … Read More

Simba continues to lead with ODBC for Spark SQL and everything else

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In the “Big Data” space, Simba has always been the leader in data connectivity being the first to provide ODBC and JDBC drivers for the many new data sources.  All of the major Hadoop vendors including Cloudera, Hortonworks, and MapR use the Simba ODBC and JDBC drivers in their distributions.  … Read More

“A Shark by any other name would run as fast (or faster)”

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What’s in a name? Pardon my paraphrase of a certain bard: What’s in a name? that which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet; It was announced at the 2014 Spark Summit that Shark would retire. Since then and despite Reynold’s post on the last day of Summit … Read More

OLAP for Big Data…

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Is it me or has OLAP finally (re)emerged from the shadow of the transactional systems? I was pleasantly surprised by AtScale‘s subdued emergence at June’s Hadoop Summit. (Refer to my previous summary for more.) This week, Socrata’s Evan Chan presented “Interactive OLAP Queries using Cassandra and Spark” at the Seattle Spark Meetup. Evan began work using Spark with … Read More

Google Chucks MapReduce, Databricks is in the Cloud, and Shark Meets its Maker: A Spark Summit 2014 Synopsis

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It is a post-MapReduce world. Last week’s announcement out of Google IO was that Google has retired MapReduce and replaced it with its home-grown cloud analytics system Cloud Dataflow. Rhetorics aside, it is good to see this from the originator of the concept. (I recall a similar declaration from Apache … Read More