Overcome the challenges of ‘big data’ and allow business users to seamlessly connect to disparate data sources.


Allow non-techies to join multiple large data sets, build smart dashboards with data visualizations, and share with thousands of users for a variety of business insights.

The Problem

The Sisense mission is to give business users access to and control of their data with a powerful yet simple-to-use business analytics platform that can handle extreme volumes of data in a flash. However, data is rapidly changing and becoming more complex, especially in terms of data generation.

A key complexity is that big data has three dimensions: volume, velocity and variety. Handling these multi-dimensional data types is difficult for existing relational database management systems, and desktop statistics and visualization packages. As a result, connecting to data is an ever-changing problem and a moving target.

Sisense sought to find a more efficient way to deliver better data connectivity while allowing their best engineering talent to remain focused on its core product.

The Solution

In evaluating its options, Sisense chose Magnitude Connectivity for its suite of ODBC drivers and SimbaEngine SDK, plus Sisense’s own ODBC driver that allows connectivity to a number of applications. Thorough testing of the drivers and Magnitude’s technical assistance with the SDK (software development kit) allowed Sisense to quickly build their own custom ODBC driver, which made the business case a no-brainer.

The single most important reason influencing Sisense’s decision is the fact that Magnitude’s Simba is the de facto standard for ODBC and JDBC connectivity. According to Sisense, this was a natural choice as the drivers are trusted by the data source vendors and guaranteed to be compatible with the latest versions of the data source. Built on the common foundation of SimbaEngine driver technology, the drivers provide consistent, standard-compliant interface with predictable behavior across a wide range of data sources.


Sisense overcame its challenges to handle big data. The combined Sisense and Magnitude offering delivers powerful new analytical capabilities. Business users can now connect their Sisense BI tool seamlessly to popular big data sources like MongoDB and Google Big Query, enabling them to analyze billions of rows and extract insights from these data sets with unparalleled speed, smooth performance and all without having to write code.

Adding ODBC connectivity from Magnitude’s Simba allows Sisense business users to query unstructured data directly via SQL. Business users can transform raw data into actionable dashboards and generate immediate insights in an intuitive, end-user oriented interface. Sisense allows for this data to be mashed up from a multitude of sources with unprecedented speed and ease.

In today’s fast-changing world, gaining a competitive edge requires understanding and utilizing a multitude of new data sources to glean trusted insights. The enhanced Sisense analytics solution now lets non-techies join multiple large data sets, build smart dashboards with data visualizations, and share with thousands of users with no scripting knowledge required.

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