Custom Connections

Get to the data that matters to you. Bring us your connectivity issues and we can create a custom connection that works for you. Work with Simba to innovate, access and analyze, Any Data, Anytime, Anywhere.

Software Development

In 1992 we co-developed the ODBC data standard with Microsoft. Simba’s revolutionary technology is changing the way people access their data. Each day, millions of people worldwide use software written by Simba to make their connections work.

Simba is continually researching and delivering new technologies and solutions that unlock and provide standardized access to data stored in the world’s databases. As the world of data evolves and grows at unprecedented rates, Simba’s data connectivity solutions are on the forefront of industry advancements, providing software leaders like Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Teradata and many others the latest in standardized connectivity solutions.

Simba’s long history of innovation has led to a number of new product and technology introductions since its inception. Some of our key innovations have included:

  • Created world’s first Software Development Kit (SDK) to build custom ODBC drivers to unlock the world’s non-standard relational data.
  • Developed drivers for emerging data standards like JDBC, OLE DB and ADO.NET, enabling relational data drivers to access data through new types of business intelligence products in the marketplace.
  • Developing world’s first MDX SDK, complete with a full data analysis engine and data interfaces for OLE DB for OLAP (ODBO) and XML for Analysis (XMLA).
  • Simba’s MDX SDK is the #1 solution on the market for enabling multi-dimensionality of data stores and advanced data query processing through standardized ODBO and XMLA interfaces. Simba’s MDX technology is built into many of the world’s leading databases – including SAP BW, SAP HANA, Teradata, Infor and many others – to power data access and analytics.
  • Developing SQL to MDX conversion technology, enabling real-time translation of SQL-based data queries to MDX and back again. This technology allows organizations to leverage existing SQL-based technologies with new MDX-based systems.
  • In 2012 Simba released the first commercially available Big Data drivers for Hadoop/Hive databases

logotype_MongoDB ODBC Driver 1.2logotype_Google BigQuery ODBC Driver 1.0

   logotype_Apache Hive   logotype_Apache Hbase ODBC Driver 1.2 with SQL Connectorlogotype_Apache Cassandra ODBC Driver 1.2

With over 20 years of experiene working with some of the world leaders in software, Simba has the experience and expertise to connect you to the data that matters.

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