Magnitude Data Connectivity provides complete data access solutions that are flexible, powerful and can handle the specific market requirements of your current and future data connectivity needs.

Our solutions are a componentized, extensible framework that Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), Data Warehouse developers, and F5000 enterprise developers can use to quickly implement commercial-grade, scalable, easy-to-maintain data drivers, in as few as five days.

For BI &

BI Applications Data ConnectivityMagnitude offers data Access and Analytics solutions that connect your application to the data source of choice.
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Data Connectivity for Data SourcesMagnitude has the solution to expose all types of data sources;
Big Data, Cloud/Saas, Multidimensional, Unstructured
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For Data

Custom Data Connectivity Solutions for Enterprise

Data Connectivity for Data Federation

Data Federation

Critical data resides in information silos throughout your organization, but data-hungry decision makers need to analyze this data in real time. Read more about Data Federation

Data Securiy with Custom Data Connectors

Ensure Security with Custom Data Connectors

Custom data connectors integrate with your existing authorization, authentication, and encryption solutions to ensure the highest level of security for your data. Read more about Security with Custom Data Connectors

Enhance Data Infrastructure

Migrate to the Cloud Without Disruption

Adapt your Enterprise Infrastructure to the Changing Requirements of Today’s Business. Read more about how to Enhance Your Data Infrastructure

Success Stories

Simba's Partner CouchbaseOffer customers ODBC and JDBC connectivity for Couchbase Server, and extend N1QL further into the SQL world.

Simba's partner SisenseOvercome the challenges of ‘big data’ and allow business users to seamlessly connect to disparate data sources.

Simba's Partner ACLBuild innovative, next-generation data access capabilities for risk and performance analytics while staying focused on core business.