For every member of our Data Connectivity Solutions team, security is of highest priority. That’s why the world’s biggest software companies trust us with their connectivity solutions. Our technology has been third-party tested against the strictest security requirements, ensuring your critical information stays safe.

Scale and innovate your business while locking down your data

Unlike traditional ODBC and JDBC drivers, our Simba custom connectors integrate directly with your enterprise security infrastructure. No duplication of security layers is required, providing the best user experience while maintaining the highest level of security.

Full Enforcement of Enterprise Security Requirements

Simba custom connectivity solutions are built from the ground up with security in mind:

  • User-level security is administered at the database, operating system, and security server level
  • No duplication of security layers
  • Integration with existing authentication services such as Kerberos keeps data protected, while maintaining user experience
  • Industry-standard SSL/TLS for both one-way and two-way authentication
  • Full support for OAuth authentication to support your enterprise deployment requirements
  • Custom connectors meet the same stringent security demands of our biggest customers

Using a custom connector from Magnitude Simba to enable multi tenancy, federation, cloud deployments, or access to custom data ensures your data is kept secure.

ensure data security with custom connectors

“Our technology has been third-party tested against the strictest security requirements”

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