Amyn Rajan

General Manager, Connectivity Solutions

As General Manager, Amyn focuses on growing the Simba business as the Connectivity Solutions unit of Magnitude Software.

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Chris Ney

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

As Chairman and CEO, Chris oversees Magnitude Software’s overall corporate vision and strategic direction, and drives the company’s acquisition, integration, and growth

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Lou Guercia


Lou serves as president of Magnitude Software and is responsible for the successful execution of the company’s strategic objectives and global operations. With more than 30

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Darren Peirce

Vice President of Products and Chief Technology Officer

Darren Peirce is responsible for assessing Magnitude Software’s technology direction and evaluating new technologies in support of the company’s product strategy.

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Kevin Mischnick

Senior Vice President, Finance and Accounting

Kevin is responsible for driving financial results for Magnitude Software and ensuring the company’s financial objectives are achieved.

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Susie Buehler

Chief People Officer

Susie is responsible for leading the strategic and operational aspects of Magnitude Software’s human resources and organizational development, focusing on business success

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Mihir Shah

Executive Vice President, Corporate Development and Strategy

Mihir is responsible for developing and executing strategies and plans to acquire businesses and establish strategic revenue-producing partnerships for Magnitude Software.

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