Amynmohamed Rajan President and CEO at Simba Technologies

Amyn Rajan


Amyn is focused on growing the company's leadership position as a premium provider of data connectivity solutions to many of the world's leading software companies.

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George Chow CTO at Simba Technologies

George Chow


George brings over 20 years of product engineering and innovation to Simba and is responsible for the direction of Simba's product line that spans traditional SQL databases to

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Doug Johnstone CFO at Simba Technologies

Doug Johnstone


Doug has 35 years broad experience in small to medium sized enterprises, both private and public, in various industries and has provided value added services in forecasting,

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Jerry Wu Data Access Engineering Team at Simba Technologies

Jerry Wu

VP Engineering

Jerry leads Simba’s Data Access engineering team, the force behind the SimbaEngine SDK and Simba Connectors.

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Tom Newton VP of Sales at Simba Technologies

Tom Newton

VP of Sales

VP of Sales Tom is responsible for Simba’s product sales worldwide. With 25 years of technology sales experience in the B2B space.

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Toph Whitmore VP of Marketing at Simba Technologies

Toph Whitmore

VP of Marketing

Toph leads Simba Technologies' marketing, and is responsible for Simba branding, marketing engagement, communications delivery, and planning.

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