OEM Development Services

Simba works in partnership with our customers to create custom business intelligence and performance management data connectivity systems tailored to their unique requirements. Our solutions include complete, end-to-end data access systems, including specification, development, testing and ongoing support. Only Simba Labs guarantee the performance and scalability required to secure your company’s data access future


  • Allow Your Customers to Use Popular Analytical Tools Like Microsoft® Excel® from Any Data!
  • Add a BigData source to your Data Warehouse infrastructure, and talk to all your legacy tools
  • Attain Custom Data Connectivity Solutions integrating to your applications or platform
  • Enterprise grade solutions with millions of satisfied users

We supply the “behind the scenes” connectivity solutions to many of the Relational and BigData providers today.
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Interoperability Testing Services

Simba’s in-house interoperability testing facility that provides a context for real world, methodical, standard conformance and interoperability testing of front-end business intelligence and performance management applications against back-end databases. We enable application and database vendors to test their programs in an efficient and proven manner.


  • Test and evaluate data connectivity to achieve interoperability with minimal cost and investment
  • SimbaLab provides a cost effective way to identify problems that show up in heterogeneous environments
  • A neutral environment that is not biased to any particular company or technology

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