ODBC and JDBC Driver development gets easier with SimbaEngine X SDK v10.1

ODBC and JDBC Driver development gets easier with SimbaEngine SDK v10.1, the next minor release of our ODBC and JDBC driver development environment.  This SDK minor release contains several features designed to make life easier for developers who use our SDK to build drivers.  In addition, there are security, quality, and performance improvements. INI configuration file on Windows Read the full article

Remote Data Access on Mobile Devices: Overview; Best Practices

Remote data access on mobile devices presents developers and users with a number of unique challenges not found in server or desktop environments. Unreliable network connections, battery life optimization, and security implications are the major factors that need to be considered by developers and end users. This post gives a brief overview of these issues and offers some best practices.

What Today’s SAP Analytics-Simba Announcement Means: Seamless ODBC Connectivity Paired with Powerful BI

Today, Simba announced that its connectivity platform has been licensed by SAP for use with SAP’s Analytics suite. The agreement is comprehensive–On the analytics side, the deal covers SAP’s entire Analytics Division line of products. Quoting today’s press release: Through this agreement, Simba extends unlimited licensing of the drivers to groups within SAP in support Read the full article

New Case Study: Why Couchbase Chose Simba ODBC and JDBC Drivers for Couchbase Server

Simba ODBC, JDBC Connectivity Makes it Easy to Connect Any Data Source to Leading NoSQL Database Couchbase delivers Couchbase Server, the high-performance, open-source NoSQL distributed database. Developers around the world use Couchbase to build enterprise web, mobile, and IoT applications that support massive data volumes in real time. Couchbase is also the developer of N1QL, Read the full article

Guest Post: Connecting to Salesforce Data Through SAP BusinessObjects with an ODBC Driver

Mitesh Shah is a senior Business Intelligence consultant for Decision First Technologies, a BI consulting firm and SAP gold partner. Shah recently evaluated ODBC connectors for Salesforce data access via SAP BusinessObjects from different ODBC driver vendors. His assessments are candid and thorough. In the end, he endorsed the native ODBC driver that comes with SAP BusinessObjects, an Read the full article

Hadoop Summit 2015: A Retrospective from Exhibit Hall Booth S13

This year’s just-wrapped Hadoop Summit 2015–particularly the exhibit hall–was somewhat subdued compared to last year. Yet attendance was up at least 10% over 2014. Could attendees be suffering Hadoop-fatigue? Or just tradeshow-fatigue? More reasonable explanation: Hadoop’s not a novelty anymore, and as adoption has climbed, attendees seek out optimization counsel, when in the past they Read the full article

New Case Study: How Concur Books It with SAP Lumira, Apache Spark, and Simba Connectivity

Concur handles expense reports. A LOT of expense reports. Think billions. As the world’s leading provider of spend management solutions and services, Concur delivers scalable T&E services for millions of companies from small to F100. And that requires processing a LOT of data. Think trillions. For analytics at such a massive scale, Concur’s leaders looked Read the full article

Hadoop, Stormtroopers, and Flash Mobs, Oh My! A Strata + Hadoop World 2015 Recap from the Exhibit Floor

Another Strata + Hadoop World event has come and gone, and well, what can I say, other than this is (yet again) one way to spend your VC funding. (“Oh. Another flash mob. Yaaaaaaay…”) Yep, performances every 45 minutes or so Thursday. Tricky to finish conversation when the catchy “thumpa-thumpa” music starts up next door. Read the full article

“It’s not About Big Data, it’s About More Data Sources”

I stole the title of this post from a blog post on the Sisense website.  The people at Sisense really get it about analyzing data.  The post I refer to has some very important points: 1. “What’s actually going to be the most distinctive part of this trend will be not the size but rather Read the full article

Have a Happy New and denormalized Year…

Gosh, it’s been almost a year since I last touched on the subject of JSON. But a couple of articles crossed my path that I think are worthwhile to reflect on so I’m going to share them here: TDWI had a good piece on the necessary evolution of data warehousing in the present era of denormalized data. Worth a read here. Read the full article

All About Apache Drill Data Sources and File Types

Storage plugin extensibility is a key feature of Apache Drill. Drill supports Hive, HBase, and its DFS file system, which encompasses the CSV, TSV, JSON, and Parquet file types. You can configure Drill sources and data types via its web interface. (More details on that in my earlier blog here.) Though the data sources serve Read the full article

Connecting Tableau to Splunk using Simba ODBC

Serdar Yegulalp at InfoWorld wrote a very nice article entitled “Splunk’s big data promise: Google for your visual analytics“.  He writes how Splunk has become a platform for analyzing machine data and how it is now growing to become a software ecosystem for big data.  Part of being an ecosystem is allowing products to interconnect using Read the full article

Splunk ODBC Driver

I just received the Splunk product announcement: “Introducing Splunk ODBC Driver: Industry Standard Connectivity to Splunk Enterprise”.  It is great to now see that the Splunk ODBC driver is available for everyone.  This allows you to connect any BI tools like Tableau and Excel directly to Splunk Enterprise.  You can read more about it here: Read the full article

MDX Query Language – SAP certifies arcplan Enterprise to connect to HANA

The MDX query language is a key way to access data in SAP HANA.  SAP now has a certification process for BI products that connect to HANA using the MDX query language.  arcplan Enterprise is the first company to be certified by the SAP ICC.  According to arcplan, “The SAP® Integration and Certification Center (SAP Read the full article

SQL access to non-relational sources is proliferating

Alex Kodat wrote a good post on TDWI entitled “Can Big Data and SQL Get Along?”  He explains a bit about the background of the relational model and the SQL language. He then goes on to explain how “SQL makes it possible for applications to access data in different databases with little or no database-specific Read the full article

Using SQL to MongoDB to uncover Social Media trends

SQL to MongoDB is a powerful advantage as the world of Big Data and NoSQL meets the enterprise where SQL is the lingua franca.  Jack Vaughan at SearchDataManagement published a recent post entitled “Marketing company applies SQL to MongoDB to uncover social media trends“.  In his article, Vaughan talks about SumAll – a marketing analytics Read the full article