ODBC and JDBC Driver development gets easier with SimbaEngine X SDK v10.1

ODBC and JDBC Driver development gets easier with SimbaEngine SDK v10.1, the next minor release of our ODBC and JDBC driver development environment.  This SDK minor release contains several features designed to make life easier for developers who use our SDK to build drivers.  In addition, there are security, quality, and performance improvements. INI configuration file on Windows Read the full article

Benefits of Java SQL Engine in SimbaEngine X

Today we have released SimbaEngine SDK X, v 10.0.6, the next minor release of the SimbaEngine X SDK, containing the new Java SQL Engine. The Simba SQL Engine is a high-performance, standard-compliant SQL parser and execution engine.  It is designed to allow our customers to build drivers for data sources that are not fully SQL Read the full article

Simba Technologies Broadens Connectivity Solution Portfolio with ODBC, JDBC Drivers for SQL Server, DynamoDB, and Redshift Data Sources

New ODBC and JDBC Drivers – Already in Use by Key Partners – Extend Simba’s Retail Family of Big Data Connectivity Solutions to Microsoft, Amazon Data Platforms VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA – September 29, 2015 – Today Simba Technologies Inc.®, the worldwide leader in Big Data connectivity, announced the release of new ODBC and JDBC drivers Read the full article

Couchbase ODBC and JDBC Connectivity Solutions – RC now available

Today, Couchbase announced the release of Couchbase Server 4.0 Release Candidate. In conjunction with this release, Simba and Couchbase are happy to announce the availability of Release Candidates for the ODBC and JDBC connectivity solutions. Cihan, Director of Product Management at Couchbase, talked about how Couchbase’s query language N1QL essentially adds both the SQL and Read the full article

What Today’s SAP Analytics-Simba Announcement Means: Seamless ODBC Connectivity Paired with Powerful BI

Today, Simba announced that its connectivity platform has been licensed by SAP for use with SAP’s Analytics suite. The agreement is comprehensive–On the analytics side, the deal covers SAP’s entire Analytics Division line of products. Quoting today’s press release: Through this agreement, Simba extends unlimited licensing of the drivers to groups within SAP in support Read the full article

Simba Technologies Announces Its Connectivity Platform has Been Licensed by SAP for Use with SAP’s Analytics Suite

Today Simba Technologies Inc.®, the worldwide leader in big data connectivity, announced that SAP will use big data connectivity delivery from Simba Technologies for its Analytics Division line of products. Under terms of the agreement, SAP has licensed 18 ODBC and JDBC drivers that will enable SAP® software to connect to data sources via JDBC and ODBC APIs, specifically:
•JDBC: Hadoop Hive, Cloudera Impala, Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR), Amazon Redshift, Spark SQL, Couchbase, MongoDB, and Cassandra
•ODBC: Hadoop Hive, Cloudera Impala, Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR), Amazon Redshift, Spark SQL, Couchbase, HBase, Google BigQuery, MongoDB, and Cassandra

New Case Study: Why Couchbase Chose Simba ODBC and JDBC Drivers for Couchbase Server

Simba ODBC, JDBC Connectivity Makes it Easy to Connect Any Data Source to Leading NoSQL Database Couchbase delivers Couchbase Server, the high-performance, open-source NoSQL distributed database. Developers around the world use Couchbase to build enterprise web, mobile, and IoT applications that support massive data volumes in real time. Couchbase is also the developer of N1QL, Read the full article

Simba Technologies® Introduces New, Powerful JDBC Driver with SQL Connector for Apache Spark™

More Flexibility, Better Performance: Data Scientists Using Java Applications Can Now SQL-query Spark Data via the JDBC API

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA – June 16, 2015 – Today Simba Technologies Inc.®, the worldwide leader in Big Data connectivity extended its pioneering leadership in the Spark connectivity space, and announced the release of the new Simba Apache Spark Driver for JDBC with SQL Connector. The new Spark JDBC driver with SQL Connector gives data scientists greater flexibility and faster connectivity for Java applications accessing Spark via the JDBC API.

Hadoop Summit 2015: A Retrospective from Exhibit Hall Booth S13

This year’s just-wrapped Hadoop Summit 2015–particularly the exhibit hall–was somewhat subdued compared to last year. Yet attendance was up at least 10% over 2014. Could attendees be suffering Hadoop-fatigue? Or just tradeshow-fatigue? More reasonable explanation: Hadoop’s not a novelty anymore, and as adoption has climbed, attendees seek out optimization counsel, when in the past they Read the full article

HBaseCon 2015 highlights

May is conference month and the memorable event–for all the ideas and progress over the past year–for me was HBaseCon. HBase achieved a milestone earlier on this year with the release of 1.0. Note that the rolling upgrade feature from 0.96 makes this and future upgrade a very reasonable proposition. The recent highlight for HBase has to be the Read the full article

Simba Technologies® Launches New SimbaEngine® ODBC and JDBC Software Development Platform; Takes Development Performance, Ease of Deployment to New Heights

  The SDK Built for Speed Gets Even Faster: New 9.5 Version of Market-Leading SDK Outpaces the Competition with Expanded Collaborative Query Execution, Driver Manager Auto-detection, and Enhanced Mac Support VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA – May 12, 2015 – Today Simba Technologies Inc.®, the worldwide leader in Big Data connectivity announced the launch of the new Read the full article

Simba Technologies Introduces Salesforce Adapter for SAP Data Services, Now Available for Developer Preview

  Connects SAP Data Services to Salesforce: Customers Can Now Query Salesforce Data Directly  VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA – May 7, 2015 – Today Simba Technologies Inc.®, the worldwide leader in Big Data connectivity, announced the developer preview release of its new Salesforce Adapter for SAP Data Services. The software was developed in conjunction with SAP’s Read the full article

“It’s not About Big Data, it’s About More Data Sources”

I stole the title of this post from a blog post on the Sisense website.  The people at Sisense really get it about analyzing data.  The post I refer to has some very important points: 1. “What’s actually going to be the most distinctive part of this trend will be not the size but rather Read the full article

Interoperability Matters: With Simba Connectivity Integration, SAP BI 4.1 Signals Commitment to the Progressive Enterprise

Here’s some exciting news for you enterprise data connectivity junkies out there: SAP’s BI 4.1 suite will support Hive2 and Impala connectivity via ODBC and JDBC drivers from Simba Technologies. And later in the year, so too will SAP’s Lumira data visualization software. For Simba Technologies, it’s a mutually-rewarding partnership: Simba shares SAP’s broad commitments Read the full article

Simba Technologies Releases SimbaEngine SDK 9.3 Platform Supporting ODBC 3.8; Data Scientists Everywhere Rejoice

Simba Technologies Inc., the enterprise leader in standards-based connectivity solutions for relational and multi-dimensional data, today launched version 9.3 of its SimbaEngine Software Development Kit, the best-in-class driver-development environment for enterprise data integration. The SimbaEngine SDK 9.3 enables developers to produce ODBC, JDBC, OLE DB or ADO.NET data connectivity to both SQL-enabled and non-SQL data stores.

ODBC allows you to integrate BigData into your existing enterprise data landscape

As I am planning to attend the Hadoop Summit next week in San Jose, I was reviewing what has been happening in the Hadoop and Big Data space over the last year.  One of the major shifts we have seen is the introduction of SQL into the NoSQL world.  All of the major Hadoop distributions Read the full article

SQL drives up Hadoop usability

Darryl Taft at eWeek wrote a very good article Hadoop Drives Down Costs, Drives Up Usability With SQL Convergence. The gist of the article is that Hadoop has a lot of potential and adding SQL capability allows people to use Hadoop with today's mainstream BI and reporting tools. After all, if your data source supports Read the full article

April Hive User Group meeting

The Hive User Group held its semi-regular meetings last week at Hortonwork’s office. This was a jam-packed evening as the Stinger initiative has started to deliver some of its firstfruits. Gunther’s session on Hive 0.11 was the longest talk of the night and generated some of the liveliest discussion in the room. A Webex recording Read the full article

TDWI’s report on SQL’s staying power

A recent report from TDWI talks about the staying power of the SQL query language. "According to Philip Russom, research director for data management with TDWI, most organizations are actually increasing their use of SQL in spite of increased adoption of NoSQL databases such as Mongo, Cassandra, and Couchbase." "[A]lmost all tools for analytics, reporting, Read the full article

“The things I could do if I got my hands on all of that data!”

Simba's fiscal year end is July 31.  Last week, we had a meeting of our Advisory Board where we were reviewing our success over the last year and our plans for the upcoming fiscal year.  Bill Baker came up with a very good line: "Data, data everywhere, but nary a drop to…   analyze!"  The premise Read the full article

Hive grows up: New HiveServer2 API proposed

Over the Easter weekend, Hive took a big step forward with a new API: https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/Hive/HiveServer2+Thrift+API At this point, this new API is just a proposal. What is good to see is that the new API addresses crucial gaps in today's API that hinders ODBC/JDBC including: 1. explicit support for sessions;2. asynchronous query execution;3. the ability Read the full article

The future of ODBC, OLE DB, and OLE DB for OLAP (ODBO)

With Simba being the leader in data access and data analytics and having worked on many data connectivity standards, people often ask me about which open data access standards they should invest in. For relational connectivity, the two data access standards of course are ODBC and JDBC. For multidimensional connectivity, the data access standards are Read the full article

The easy way to build a custom ODBC driver

Simba is in the business of helping companies quickly and easily build ODBC drivers for pretty much any data source – Big Data, Cloud, ISAM, XML, flat file, CSV, object oriented, etc.  We just released SimbaEngine 9 which is the latest version of our SDK that allows you to quickly build an ODBC, JDBC, or ADO.NET Read the full article