ODBC and JDBC Driver development gets easier with SimbaEngine X SDK v10.1

ODBC and JDBC Driver development gets easier with SimbaEngine SDK v10.1, the next minor release of our ODBC and JDBC driver development environment.  This SDK minor release contains several features designed to make life easier for developers who use our SDK to build drivers.  In addition, there are security, quality, and performance improvements. INI configuration file on Windows Read the full article

How to Implement Custom SQL Scalar Functions in an ODBC Driver

The SimbaEngine SDK™ allows you to build a custom ODBC driver with which you can connect your data source to any ODBC application. The SQLEngine within the SimbaEngine SDK is flexiblie, and allows you to implement your own custom scalar and aggregate functions for your data source. In many new data sources, new functionality is Read the full article

SQL Server ODBC Driver Built by Simba Technologies Ships with Microsoft Excel 2016 for Mac

Simba Technologies’ SQL Server ODBC Driver is now included as an integral component of Microsoft’s Excel 2016 for Mac. The Simba-built SQL Server ODBC connector is included with Excel 2016 for Mac, now shipping with Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac (released July 9). Excel 2016 for Mac users can find the SQL Server ODBC connector on the Data tab under “New Database Query.”

Connect Tableau to Any Big Data Source (MongoDB and Salesforce)

Look no further than Simba’s suite of Big Data ODBC ready-to-use Drivers. These high performance drivers ensure full functionality for users analyzing and reporting on Big Data. In this Webinar you will learn: The features of the Simba ODBC Big Data Drivers How easy it is to connect Tableau to your MongoDB and Salesforce data Read the full article

See Simba Hive ODBC Connector in action

I finally had some time to put together a demo of the Simba Hive ODBC Connector in action. If you haven't seen our driver in action, now's the time to catch it in all its 64-bit (and 32-bit) glory on our YouTube channel. The highlight of our driver is its compatibility. To keep the demo Read the full article

Common interfaces taken one step further

Simba is a data connectivity software company.  We are thus always dealing with data access interface standards such as ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET, ODBO and XMLA.   Connectivity interface standards allow a lot of different client applications to talk to one server, or one client to talk to a lot of different brands of servers.    I learned Read the full article

An ODBC driver SDK with novel architectural flexibility

I recently had an interesting conversation with a member of Simba's ODBC/JDBC/ADO.NET driver SDK team about how flexible and tailorable our ODBC driver SDK is.  It has particularly cool capability to pass down calculations to our ISV customer's data source.  This allows query execution in collaboration with the data source, in order to take most advantage Read the full article

Why would you need a custom ODBC driver, JDBC driver, or ADO.NET provider?

When describing the business of Simba Technologies (http://www.simba.com), for example to employment candidates, I occasionally get perplexed looks when I say we make ODBC drivers and ODBC driver SDKs.  Many technical people think that ODBC drivers are just always available for whatever database. But how did that driver come into being?  And ask this not Read the full article