Data is the cornerstone to effective decision making. And it’s especially true for marketers (said the marketer). Without accurate, up to date information, we end up falling victim to back seat input from executives or making uninformed or – at best – educated guesses on what’s happening or what we think prospects want to hear!

With an aggregated view of data – across your CRM, financial systems, digital marketing tools and email/marketing automation systems through the likes of a reporting/BI package – you can shift from siloed information from individual applications to a more horizontal view of customer, prospect and internal operational data. This is necessary for gaining a holistic picture of what’s really happening across the business of marketing.

Having a rich array of data available wherever its needed across the company, as well as a means to dialog with customers is a hallmark of a transformed customer-centric business.

This means that today’s data-driven marketers must lead the way, uncovering what data already exists, what should be gathered or simply accessible, and how to put it all to use to drive collaboration within the company – and to enable self-service strategies directly with customers and prospects.

Check out our infographic and guided check-list to help you assess the state of your marketing data as a valuable first step in unifying that data to fuel great marketing insights.