451 Research offers its take on how data connectivity and compatibility have become table stakes in the data management market and shares its analysis of Magnitude’s Simba technologies.

Report highlight: Connectivity is a major challenge for software providers whose products depend on compatibility with different data consumption tools and data sources. With Simba specializing in building out these connections, vendors and enterprises don’t have to.

415 Research Analyst, Paige Bartley says:

“For cloud migration use cases, Simba’s connectors help enable organizations to leverage the scalability and flexibility of the cloud while minimizing changes to existing infrastructure; benefits include high-speed data transfer, reduced number of API calls, high availability for users and auditing capabilities to support compliance efforts.”

According to 451 Research’s Voice of the Enterprise: Data and Analytics, 2H 2019 survey, 14% of respondents from organizations with over 1,000 employees reported having more than 100 data silos within their organization. A full third reported having 51 data silos or more within their organization.

The report cites that Simba’s role is to get these data sources, wherever they may be, connected to the applications that need them. Meanwhile, application providers themselves are motivated to provide the best possible connectivity out of the box so that their customers can easily get up and running regardless of their existing IT investments.

For a deeper dive on the 451 Research’s analysis, download the full report.