In talking with analysts and partners in the past week leading up to this week’s Strata, it’s safe to say that one trend is clearly in focus: the utility and urgency for a query language for Hadoop. Rick van der Lans and Gigaom have done an excellent job surveying the happenings here so I’ll refer you to their posts (Rick’s “The SQL-fication of NoSQL Continues” and Gigaom).

Simba’s been also working on this query language question. If you look down the page, you’ll note that Cathy has a writeup about our “MDX on Impala“; drop us a line to let us know what you think.

This work with Impala is inspired by what we’ve been doing for some of our customers. But others have been thinking about this query language situation too.

Notably, the Apache Drill project is looking to provide a pluggable query language front-end. It’s possible to imagine Drill with direct support for MDX. That is, no translation from MDX to SQL; just direct execution plans built from MDX statements.

Strata is going to be awesome this year with the market coming on full steam behind SQL. I’ll be reporting on Strata as it plays out.

It’s gonna be exciting…