Today’s data-driven economy demands more speed and agility than ever before. Companies must be able to change direction, specialize, amplify, contextualize — and without traditional latencies. In our age of automation, all these efforts require timely access to the right data!

Whether for digitizing a back-office process, integrating sales and marketing data, or automating a complex front-office workflow, data connectivity is the fuel for optimizing business. 

In this Hot Tech Techopedia Webinar , our Jeff Bayntun joins DM Radio Host and Bloor Group CEO, Eric Kavanagh to offer perspective on why a new approach is necessary in today’s modern data landscape.  Jeff explains why a ground-breaking data access platform is essential for the next generation of information architecture.

Key topics: 

  • Data access complications in a world of fragmented data
  • Massive growth in applications and data sources for business decision-making
  • Why enterprises need centralized data connectivity management
  • Demonstration of single- and multiple-application connectivity use cases
  • How to simplify connectivity management with Magnitude Gateway

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