FACT: Tech projects often exceed timeline and budget.
THE DETAIL: On average, large IT projects run

  • 45% over budget,
  • 7% over time …
  • and deliver 56% less value than predicted.

Furthermore, software providers are grappling with the burden of data connectivity deployments and configurations. In a fiercely competitive market, software companies must up the ante in providing connectivity to an ever-growing array of data sources for cloud, on-premises and hybrid environments. However, most underestimate the tremendous effort and resources needed to connect their applications to the myriad of data sources used by customers today.

To help, we’ve created a How-to-Guide to highlight the key role data connectivity plays not only in the success of your applications, but also in the development processes and planning needed to get it right.

To connect applications to a future proof set of data sources—and maintain those connections—software companies must deploy or outsource the right development resources and have a well thought out maintenance strategy and scalability plan in place.

Key topics:

  • Get answers to fundamental data connectivity issues impacting your products’ time-to-market, customer experience, addressable market and total cost of ownership
  • How to flip the long-term, never-ending maintenance challenge on its head
  • Achieving frictionless connectivity in an environment of many to many applications-to-data sources
  • Top five reasons why you should OEM data drivers instead of building them

Ready to simplify and meet the growing customer demand for connectivity to any and multiple data sources?  Download the guide.