Kognitio has announced a new product called Pablo which allows you to do in-database OLAP analytics.  Basically, you define your OLAP or cube metadata against the data existing in your WX2 database and the cube is accessible for MDX style queries without having to actually pre-calculate anything.  They have put out a humourous video entitled “Cubeaholics Anonymous” that you can view here: http://www.kognitio.com/pablo-cubeaholics-anonymous.  The concept is really simple, in the past, databases were not fast enough and so you built OLAP cubes and pre-aggregated your data so you could do BI analysis.  Now, databases are extremely fast and MOLAP is not necessary because the performance of a ROLAP solution is very good.  Kognitio’s WX2 is a very fast analytics database so ROLAP makes sense.