A very interesting first full day of Strata.

The next Strata in NY is Oct 23-25 and it seems that Strata and Cloudera have now partnered and so Cloudera’s Hadoop World is now part of Strata NY.  Looks like Strata is becoming THE conference for Big Data.  Also, the attendance at the conference is about 2000 people and it seems all the major vendors are here on the show floor including Cloudera, EMC Greenplum, HortonWorks, IBM Netezza, MapR, Microsoft, Oracle, and Teradata Aster.  Interesting that SAP was not here touting HANA.

A lot of focus on Hadoop but also a lot of interesting things about other Big Data technologies.  Was interesting to hear Alexander Stojanovic from Microsoft speak and then have Eric Baldeschwieler get up on the same stage and say that Microsoft supporting open source and Hadoop is real!  It seems all the major vendors in the data warehousing industry have taken a real liking to Hadoop and they all have a Hadoop story.  Open source meets COTS software.  Very interesting to watch.