I was reading a good article on Datanami entitled “Apache Spark Continues to Spread Beyond Hadoop“.  This is a good overview of how Apache Spark is gaining traction.  Simba has worked with the folks at Databricks from the early days when we had Spark and Shark.  Shark has now become Spark SQL and Simba continues to work with Databricks to enable easy ODBC access to Spark SQL.  In fact, the Simba ODBC driver for Spark SQL is the one chosen by Databricks for their hosted Spark environment.

As “The On Ramp To Big Data”, Simba has been working with many software companies to embed our ODBC driver for Spark into their commercial offerings.  My colleague, Kyle Porter, last week put up an extension for SAP Lumira that allows you to connect SAP’s flagship visualization and BI tool to Spark SQL using the Simba ODBC driver.  What this shows is how Simba continues to lead and extend data access in the world of Big Data, Hadoop, and NoSQL.  As the world of data expands, Simba is excited to be a pioneer and help connect all of the world’s data.