I am at the arcPlatform partner conference for arcplan this week.  Roland Hoelscher just gave his keynote about arcplan’s strategy.  Interesting presentation.  He described arcplan’s roadmap going forward.  A few points of interest:

1. Increased support for mobile BI – they have good support for mobile devices including iOS, Windows mobile, etc. They will soon have an app in the Apple App Store.

2. Support for SAP HANA, Teradata OLAP, Oracle OLAP, Kognitio Pablo – this is interesting because arcplan supports more dimensional data sources than any other BI app I have seen.

3. arcplan is the largest third party app used for SAP and Applix.

So, my title for this post was “arcplan supports SAP HANA”.  I think this is major.  arcplan is the number 1 third party BI app used on SAP BW.  Now that they support SAP HANA, they are continuing to take a leadership position.  Up till now, the only dimensional app that worked with SAP HANA was Microsoft Excel.  While Excel is great, many analysts want more.  arcplan definitely offers more.  So, if you are an SAP shop, you now have Excel and arcplan that both work on your traditional BW and your up and coming HANA.

One other interesting point is that the platinum sponsor for this event is Teradata and the gold sponsor is Oracle.