I was reading a post on the HBR (Harvard Business Review) blog about “Who’s Really Using Big Data” where they did a survey of Fortune 1000 companies to see what they are doing with Big Data.  It was interesting that they found “only 15% of respondents ranked their access to data today as adequate or world-class”.  This is a huge gap in capabilities that needs to be overcome.  We keep hearing that companies are drowning in data but if only 15% say they have adequate access to data, clearly there is a different issue.  Some of my colleagues at Simba will be hosting a series of webinars showing how you can use a simple ODBC driver to get access from products like Excel, Tableau, and Alteryx to the data in your Hadoop cluster.  This should hopefully help the 85% who say they don’t have adequate access to their data.  You can find out more about the webinars here: https://www.simba.com/simba-events.htm.