It is interesting how the Big Data world is congregating around Hadoop.  Everyone who wants to make a splash in Big Data needs a Hadoop story.  However, the originators of Map Reduce – Google – have moved on and are doing even more interesting things.  Mike Miller writes at GogaOm about “Why the days are numbered for Hadoop as we know it.”  Interesting article where the premise is: “Hadoop is an incredible tool for large-scale data processing on clusters of commodity hardware. But if you’re trying to process dynamic data sets, ad-hoc analytics or graph data structures, Google’s own actions clearly demonstrate better alternatives to the MapReduce paradigm. Percolator, Dremel and Pregel make an impressive trio and comprise the new canon of big data. I would be shocked if they don’t have a similar impact on IT as Google’s original big three of GFS, GMR, and BigTable have had.”  Simba’s George Chow has discussed BigQuery in previous posts on this blog and it is definitely something to watch.