I stole the title of this post from a blog post on the Sisense website.  The people at Sisense really get it about analyzing data.  The post I refer to has some very important points:
1. “What’s actually going to be the most distinctive part of this trend will be not the size but rather the sources of data. Businesses, take note: gaining a competitive edge will be about understanding and utilizing a multitude of new data sources to glean novel insights.”
2. “Fortunately technology is catching up with this need, and today there are business intelligence tools that businesses can use to combine all these different data sources – no matter how many or how big they are. Large enterprises have been at this for years, but now anyone can now afford robust analytic tools.
While these tools can totally transform the way a company does analytics, it’s important to watch out for software that is accessible to business users. Good tools will make it easy for non-technical users to combine numerous, large data sources (whether external or in-house) and build insightful dashboards and reports. Giving everyone in a company the chance to dig into all this new data is a great way to foster creativity and insightfulness, and is the real way to take advantage of current data trends.”

At Simba, we have always understood that being able to access data from different data sources is key to being able to do proper analysis and get true insight into what is happening.  Simba understands the value that data connectivity brings to the world of analytics.  We have partnered with many of the data source vendors like Databricks and DataStax as well as the data analysis and visualization tools like Sisense and Tableau.  At Simba, we build the tools to make connectivity easy.  All of our ODBC and JDBC drivers are built on our SimbaEngine SDK which means that when we upgrade our core platform, every connector we have gets upgraded too.  It also means that if a BI tool is certified against one of the Simba ODBC or JDBC drivers, certification against another SimbaEngine SDK based driver becomes a very easy task.  We have taken a long term approach to connecting to more and more and more data sources and this is why all the leading vendors chose Simba.