Big Data was undeniably top-of-mind for 2012 and will continue to in 2013. The market is growing but also maturing rapidly.


What caught my eyes last week was a session by Anand Venugopal (“AV”) from Impetus. He presented use cases from their customer projects in the last four years. Drawing from these, AV categorized Big Data projects/initiatives into 3 types:

  1. Batch mode Multi-source Data Analytics (<30%)
  2. Real Time or Near Real Time Analytics (30%)
  3. Social Media and Natural Language Processing (remainder, at ~40%)

The percentage numbers were particularly revealing. The three types are close but  natural language processing was the lead among the three.

There’s a lot more material in the session that’s worth studying especially if you are keen to learn and understand the whats and where they are being used.