I noticed that QlikTech announced a partnership with Google. The first outcome of this is their integration with BigQuery:

From my time working with BigQuery, pairing it with a good desktop visualization tool make all the difference in the world.

On Google’s end, they published a paper on their PowerDrill.

Wired’s Cade Metz had already delved into this earlier last week. What’s really natural about PowerDrill is that it’s merging scale-out computing with in-memory computing. Back in March’s Strata, I attended a session on Spark and Shark which was an evolution of Hadoop and Hive from disk (HDFS) to memory. It’ll be interesting to compare and contrast these different takes on the same idea.

Update: Google posted a short writeup on how to use Excel’s (rather obscure) web query feature to run BQL (BigQuery SQL) and insert the result directly into a spreadsheet. Contrary to the name “Excel Connector”, there is no additional bits to install. This Excel features–web query–dates all the way back to Excel 97 but still works in 2010. Microsoft has a short KB on it here.