In a recent 451 Research webinar, our Tony Fisher and Craig Chaplin joined 451 Analyst, James Curtis to offer perspectives on technology trends shaping democratized data access and the role of agile data management in the data-driven enterprise.

In an era of data overload, we need to reframe our data management thinking — as data analysis has gone from the hands of the few to the many in an organization triggered by the explosion of data sources and applications which has made data usable by non-data scientists. We call this data democratization, which will catapult businesses to new heights of performance —when done well.

Key takeaways:

  • According to 451 Research’s Voice of the Enterprise: Data & Analytics 2H 2019 study, while most organizations see the value of data, not all are making data-driven decisions: Nearly 40% of enterprises are not use data to drive their strategic decision.
  • James Curtis emphasized the need to shift from being a data drifter to a data driver: “Make data access a priority, consolidate data platforms when possible and stay on top of embracing enabling technologies and practices like the adoption of cloud architectures to gain efficiencies.”
  • Tony Fisher, GM of Magnitude’s Connectivity business, asserts that agile data management is about breaking down the barriers and making sure users have access to the right data at the right time. “The rise of self-service BI, and the need to optimize supply chain and faster data access are driving the evolution of business analytics. Today, data democratization continues as more data is available to more people and processes resulting in better and more immediate decision making.”
  • To reduce the friction of getting users access to the data that they need, we need to free IT from the role of data gatekeeper. “IT should focus on its higher value role to support the infrastructure, centralize connectivity to speed up the rollout of new data sources and protect the business and users through governance of data connectivity,” said Craig Chaplin, Sr. Product Manager, Connectivity.

Access the recording of this on-demand webinar here for more insights.