Data is the lifeblood of business, no matter the industry or company size. And to properly nourish operations—and strategic decisions—that data must be able to flow freely to wherever it’s needed.

The unprecedented growth in the size and diversity of data sources makes connectivity to applications more critical than ever. At the same time, sourcing, testing, and maintaining data connectors is an increasing burden for enterprises and software vendors alike.  Finding the right combination of streamlining and outsourcing development has become a strategic imperative to improve both development efficiency and solution quality.

In our latest white paper, we address the realities that make data connectivity a first-order consideration for both enterprises and software providers as they embrace digital transformation.

Key topics:

  • Why ‘off the shelf’ data connectors is most often your best bet
  • When in-house development makes sense, and how to streamline the process with a proven software development kit (SDK)
  • Key factors for outsourcing to a trusted provider

Data source and application connectivity is a fundamental decision for any company. The correct approach to it will help you improve your time to market, customer experience, and total cost of ownershipDownload our white paper for more insights.