While I was reading a lot of the analysis of the Aster Data acquistion by Teradata announced earlier today, I came across a year old posting by Mark Smith at Ventana entitled “Can Aster Data be the new Teradata – or Even More?”  You can read it at: http://www.information-management.com/blogs/aster_data_teradata-10017778-1.html.  Mark’s closing comment, “Aster Data is clearly one of the data vendors to watch in the data market and could become a significant player for the larger vendors like Teradata and others to reckon with sooner or later” was a good call because Teradata has now acquired Aster Data.

So, Microsoft bought DataAllegro, SAP bought Sybase, EMC bought GreenPlum, IBM bought Netezza, HP bought Vertica, and Teradata bought Kickfire and Aster Data.  Of course, Oracle has Exadata.  It is curious what Dell will do.  Is this an area that Dell wants to enter?  ParAccel and Kognitio are both still independent and have good people and good technology.  Who knows?