Cloudera is definitely a leader in the world of Hadoop and Big Data. I was recently reading a post by Cloudera Chief Strategy Officer, Mike Olson, about Cloudera’s business model and how it melds open source software with traditional closed source software.  Mike talks about “the conundrum facing enterprise infrastructure software companies: You can no longer win with a closed-source platform, and you can’t build a successful stand-alone company purely on open source.” From Cloudera’s point of view they “believe we need to build value — real, differentiated intellectual property that makes customers successful — as part of a closed-source, proprietary IP portfolio. We can’t do it at the platform level, because platform software has to be open source. We need to look elsewhere, at complementary tools and layered offerings that let customers run that pure open source platform better, more affordably, getting more value out of it.”

One of the complementary pieces that we at Simba see is the fact that this platform needs to fit into the existing data ecosystem in the enterprise.  The Cloudera ODBC driver is a powerful tool that allows the existing reporting and analytics of the enterprise ecosystem (including Excel, Crystal, and Tableau) work with the power of Hadoop. Simba is proud that Cloudera ships Simba ODBC drivers for both Hive and Apache as the native drivers of the Cloudera platform.  You can read Mike’s full post here: