I was reading a great article in the Globe and Mail today about co-operative education programs at Canadian universities. Co-op education is basically a university sponsored work/study program. You will intersperse your education terms with work terms at various companies. Companies work with the universities to post job ads, students apply, get interviewed and eventually get jobs. When I did my undergraduate degree at Simon Fraser University, the fact they had a great co-op program was a key differentiator for me. During my studies, I got to do co-op work terms at Esso, Canadian Airlines, Creo, IBM, and HSBC. HSBC was my last work term and they offered me a job even before I had graduated. At Simba, we strongly support the co-op education programs of our local universities. These days we usually have between 5 and 10 co-op students working for us at any time. A very large number of our current team worked for us as co-op students while they were earning their degrees. You can read the Globe article here: Globe and Mail article on co-op education.