MongoDB is an increasingly popular NoSQL database. As more and more companies take advantage of the flexibility and scalability of MongoDB for their website or application, there is an increased need to access this data in tools like Qlik, Tableau or Pentaho.

MongoDB Enterprise has the MongoDB BI Connector to try and address this, and recent versions of Tableau for example offer connectivity using this. What if you aren’t a MongoDB Enterprise customers?

Simba has you covered.  Our MongoDB ODBC and JDBC drivers make it easy to connect to your MongoDB data in your favorite BI tool.  Some advantages we have of the MongoDB BI connector include read/write capability and a simple, user friendly way to map a relational schema to your NoSQL collections.

The Simba MongoDB drivers get you connected to your MongoDB data regardless of where your MongoDB is hosted.

We decided to take our MongoDB ODBC driver for a spin with MLab.  MLab is a DBaaS platform specializing in MongoDB.  They have a free tier with up to 500 MB storage.  Setting the database up for a test run only took a few minutes.  If you need a sample MongoDB data set, have a look at this GitHub repo.

Once you have the database set up, head over to our website and download a free 30 day evaluation of the driver.

You’ll need to provide your basic connection info to get connected:

MLab MongoDB to Tableau

Hit the Test button to make sure everything is properly configured:

MLab MongoDB connection Test

For more details on how to install the MongoDB ODBC Driver please check the video.

Now you’re ready to connect with your BI application of choice.

In Tableau, choose “Other Database (ODBC)” and then select the DSN you configured:

Connect MLab MongoDB to Tableau

Then you can choose your tables and start making visualizations:

Connect MLab MongoDB to Tableau Dashboard


Don’t forget to use the TDC file for the best Tableau experience.

For fastest connections and for a consistent schema, create a schema map with the Simba Schema EditorSee here for documentation on how we handled nested arrays and documents.

Need a connection to a different data source?  Simba has a broad range of NoSQL and other drivers, including relational, Hadoop, SaaS and more.