Tableau Desktop is a data visualization tool that helps get actionable insights about data. With Tableau Desktop Professional Edition, you can connect to a variety of data sources including ODBC & JDBC compliant data sources and start visualizing data.

In this blog we show you how to connect Tableau Desktop to your Concur-based data using Magnitude’s Concur Gateway Adapter. The Simba Concur adapter enables Business Intelligence (BI), analytics, and reporting on data that is stored in Concur. The adapter enables both JDBC & ODBC connectivity. For ODBC. the driver complies with the ODBC 3.80 data standard and adds important functionality such as Unicode, as well as 32- and 64-bit.

First you would have to install the Magnitude Gateway Desktop platform on Windows using the Magnitude Gateway Install Guide . After the Gateway platform is installed you could add one or more adapters to enable ODBC, JDBC connectivity. For Concur adapter installation & configuration refer to the Concur ODBC & JDBC Adapter User Guide. Once installed, you should create a Gateway DSN (GDSN) with Concur Key, the Client ID & Client Secret. The details for configuring a GDSN can be found in the Concur Adapter user guide. The GDSN creates a corresponding ODBC DSN.

  1. Sample screenshots for the GDSN & the corresponding ODBC DSN:

    Concur GDSN Concur ODBC DSN

  2. You should now be able to connect to Concur using the Simba Concur ODBC driver.

    In Tableau Desktop start by clicking Data > New Data Source

    connect to Concur using the Simba Concur ODBC driver

  3. In the search box for Connect; type ODBC

    connect to Concur using the Simba Concur ODBC driver

  4. In the DSN drop down, select the appropriate Concur DSN, which was created & configured earlier. Alternatively you can use the Simba Concur ODBC Driver from the Driver drop down.

    connect to Concur using the Simba Concur ODBC driver

  5. Once Connect to the DSN is done, Sign In option will be enabled. You may choose to leave the below Connection Attributes empty, and Tableau will use the Auth credentials configured in the DSN.

    connect to Concur using the Simba Concur ODBC driver

  6. After you are signed in, select the Database & Schema as ‘Concur’. You can now search for known Table names using the search icon. Alternatively using an empty table for search will fetch & display all tables from Concur including Expenses, Allocations, Report Details, Trips & others that the user is authorized to access.

    connect to Concur using the Simba Concur ODBC driver

You are now all set to visualize & get actionable insights from your Concur data in Tableau.


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