Mike Vizard at CTOEdge wrote a nice piece about what Simba has done for Oracle OLAP by adding MDX query language support and I thought I would mention it here: http://www.ctoedge.com/content/peace-our-olap-time.  Mike is quite right when he says "For an IT organization, the alliance between Oracle and Simba creates a way to develop an OLAP application using MDX without ultimately having to worry about whether the OLAP engine of one of the major database vendors in the market will support that application."

With version 1 of our MDX Provider for Oracle OLAP, we have really promoted Microsoft Excel as a BI/analytics client for Oracle OLAP cubes.  Ultimately, we intend to provide a solid MDX query language interface to Oracle OLAP so that any MDX compliant front end can connect to Oracle OLAP cubes.  There is a lot of data stored in Oracle and we want to open that up to dimensional analysis.  Think about all the creative people in an organization who could do so much more if they just had access to the data for analysis purposes.  Our solution frees the data for analysis.  That it really cool!