A few days ago, I commented on an article about Oracle's shopping spree and someone responded to me about the possibility of Dell acquiring Aster Data.  Worth a quick read: http://seekingalpha.com/article/223107-winners-and-losers-in-data-warehousing.  Here, Ben Kolada at Seeking Alpha indicates that Aster Data is a premier company in the data warehousing space and could be an acquisition target for Dell.  Interesting though that of the 3 deals that Ben discusses:

1. Microsoft acquiring DATAllegro

2. EMC acquiring Greenplum

3. Teradata acquiring Kickfire

Teradata seems to have paid the least.  Maybe a continuation from the days when Mark Hurd was running the company and keeping a tight rein on spending.  Also, Teradata is further ahead in the high end, big data space than Microsoft or EMC so they don't have to make as much of a splash.