Gone are the days of relying on gut instinct.  Data-driven decision making is the new gold standard for business users. To drive value from data requires tapping into data sources such as ERP and CRM systems, marketing and sales automation platforms, enterprise databases and many others.

But that access can be difficult at best, and with a median number of five internal data sources needed for every business decision, you need strategies to streamline putting data where you need it, whenever you need it!

In most companies, suboptimal data connectors (sometimes called “drivers”, like printer drivers) are the Achilles’ heel of data-driven insights. Furthermore, one-off approaches to data connectivity can cause unreliable results, frustrated users, and missed opportunities.

So how do you access the raw material for business insights quickly and easily? 

In our new ‘how to guide’, we demystify data access and offer practical insights for unleashing the business value from data with the right solutions that make high performance, dependable data access a reality.

Key topics:

  • How data access is realized through data connectors (and how they work)
  • Breaking down the data silos
  • Keeping up with the pace of change in data connectivity
  • Getting data access without complexity
  • Choosing your best options: an off-the-shelf connector or custom solution

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