A recent Database Trends and Applications webcast gathered together experts with four different lenses on practices that accelerate and streamline data management processes for today’s businesses.

Craig Chaplin of Magnitude’s Simba connectivity team joined DBTA’s Stephen Faig, Couchbase’s Shivani Gupta and Percona’s Rick Golba in this DBTA webcast  for data and analytics leaders

No matter what your business size, gaining efficiency, agility and innovation through better collaboration, visibility and performance begins with data access. As applications grow in scale and complexity, so too does the need to support them. From high-volume transactions to the analytical processing of new data sources and types, modern applications require speed, scalability and flexibility—whether on-premises, in the cloud or within hybrid environments.

Key takeaways:

For Percona, providing customers with relevant data that is accurate and up to date is the only way to stay relevant. “Don’t sacrifice security for speed or scalability. Don’t get complacent and keep monitoring and tuning to drive performance of your data platforms,” said Rick Golba.

Couchbase emphasized its Customer-360 approach: “Getting a single view across many silos is challenging for most customers. To get a single source of truth, you need to consolidate layers that traditionally required many different point solutions to work together,” said Shivani Gupta.

For Simba, supporting data compliance initiatives means ensuring internal and external data policy compliance. “Security is paramount, so users should only have access to what they need. We empower enterprise business teams that have multiple applications and data sources with real-time access to data from any data source AND with proper governance,” said Craig Chaplin.

Simplified access to data is crucial for driving performance, productivity and the bottom line. What’s your data connectivity strategy for making seamless, real-time insights to business users a reality?

Access the archive recording of the special webcast here for more insights.