ODBC and JDBC Driver development gets easier with SimbaEngine SDK v10.1, the next minor release of our ODBC and JDBC driver development environment.  This SDK minor release contains several features designed to make life easier for developers who use our SDK to build drivers.  In addition, there are security, quality, and performance improvements.

INI configuration file on Windows

Drivers can now retrieve their driver-specific configuration from an .ini file instead of the Windows registry.

On Windows platforms, ODBC drivers normally retrieve configuration information from the Windows registry. As an alternative, you can now configure your driver to retrieve its driver-specific configuration information from an .ini file.  As a result, customers can easily deploy multiple versions of the driver, each with a different version of the driver-specific configuration information. Also, you can also specify that your driver look for the .ini file initially, then fall back to the registry, if the file cannot be found.

Max OS X Installer

We have simplified the installation of the SimbaEngine X SDK on Mac OS X platforms by providing an installer on OSX.  The installer takes care of installation, setting the environment variables, and configuring the odbc.ini and odbcinst.ini files.

Event Trace for Windows (ETW) capability added

By default, on Windows, the SimbaEngine X SDK logging functionality writes events, and messages to text files. You can change this default functionality in your driver to log events and messages to Event Tracing for Windows (ETW) instead.  Hence, you can use the Windows Event viewer or other tools to view, and filter your logs.

HTML Documentation

To improve usability and facilitate search, we have made the SimbaEngine SDK Developer Guide available online in html format.  In addition, it is now divided into two guides to make it easier to navigate: Developing Drivers for SQL-Aware Data Stores and Developing Drivers for Data Stores Without SQL.

build an odbc or jdbc driver in only 5 days with SimbaEngine X SDK