Yesterday, Simba announced the following: "Simba Technologies to Showcase Native Microsoft® Excel® 2007 Connectivity to Oracle® OLAP 11g at BIWA Summit 2008".  You can read the press release here:

Simba is building an ODBO Provider for Oracle 11g OLAP Cubes.  Our goal is ultimately to support full ODBO and XMLA connectivity (using the MDX Query Language) to Oracle OLAP.  Our initial version will support Excel 2007 Pivot Tables for ad hoc query and analysis against Oracle OLAP.  This is very exciting because for the first time users will have the ability to use the MDX Query Language to directly query data within Oracle OLAP.  The MDX Query Language is the de facto multidimensional query language standard and for many years people have wanted this ability within Oracle OLAP.

Excel is probably the most prevalent BI product in the marketplace today.  Microsoft continues to enhance the BI/OLAP capabilities of Excel.  With the Simba MDX for Oracle solution, Excel Pivot Tables can connect natively to Oracle OLAP.  No need for add-ins.  A simple install on the client machine will make everything possible.  Excel can be used natively against Oracle OLAP the same way Excel works with Microsoft Analysis Services or SAP NetWeaver BI (SAP BW).

We welcome you to attend the Oracle BIWA Summit 2008 ( where we will have a session on Tuesday, December 2nd at 11:10 am.  We will demo our Excel 2007 Pivot Tables and Oracle OLAP and will be asking for early adopters to help us test the product to make sure it works on all possible data sets.