With the turkey out of the way both north and south of the 49thand the chill in the air, we’re all rushing headlong into the Christmas season. With the glut of gift guides and the uncertainty surrounding the 2013 Christmas season, my thought does turn to the subject of 21st century retailing.

Even in the tech sphere, retail is a key element of our supposed virtual realm. A couple of recent development highlights the on-going evolution. On the Android front: Google drops NFC as requirement for Google Wallet, paving the way to iOS. On the iOS front, iBeacon makes its public debut at Macy.

The iBeacon story is more interesting because of the possibilities that the technology affords. Wired has a great piece that highlights some of the possibilities that is definitely worth a read. For those of you who want to experiment with this (maybe over the Christmas holiday), TheReg has a recipe for experimenting with iBeacon.

I posit that iBeacon will be the turning point for the public’s awareness of the “Internet of Things”. As much as has been said about smart homes or the industrial internet, I think retail will light up the public’s understanding and appreciation for the possibility of IOT. This will not change the trajectory of Big Data but it should broaden the term.