Simba’s MongoDB ODBC Driver makes it easy to explore your MongoDB data in Qlik Sense.  This is a simple 3 step process: install, configure, explore! Follow the steps below or watch the video walk-through.

1. Install

To get started:

2. Configure

MongoDB DSN Setup

ODBC Data Source Administrator
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You’ll need to configure the MongoDB driver before you can use it.

  1. Click Start > All Programs > Simba MongoDB ODBC Driver > ODBC Administrator
  2. Go to the System DSN tab and select the Simba MongoDB ODBC DSN from the list
  3. Click Configure
  4. Enter your server details, including host address, port and database. If necessary, set up authentication
  5. Optionally, create a persistent schema using the Schema Editor button
  6. Click OK to exit the dialog and save your changes

3. Explore

Now comes the interesting part. Open Qlik Sense Desktop and click Create new app. Give your app a name and click create:


Open the app and click Add data.

Choose ODBC, then select the Simba MongoDB ODBC DSN from the list and click the arrow for next:

Select the database tables and columns you would like to use:

Click Prepare Data.  If you see any warnings at the bottom of the screen, click on them to address them.

Click Load data in the upper right.

Once your data is loaded, click Edit the sheet.  You can now chose different kinds of charts down the left hand side:

After choosing a chart, it will tell you what kind of data it needs.  Simply click the add button for each requirement and your chart will be created!

That’s all it takes for a basic chart.

There are many more options for customizing your charts.  You can put multiple charts on one sheet, and in the top right, you’ll find the button to add a new sheet. For more information on connecting the Simba MongoDB ODBC Driver to other ODBC applications like Tableau, Excel or SQL Server, see Simba’s Quickstart Guide.

Now is your turn!

Download a free evaluation version of Simba MongoDB ODBC driver and start exploring!