Tableau has an experimental feature that allows customers to fine-tune parts of their ODBC data connection, significantly improving performance during the execution of Tableau’s complex SQL statements. For example, customers can define the SQL statements in which a schema identifier can be used, or the level at which their data source conforms to the SQL standard. These customizations are made using Tableau’s Datasource Connection (TCD) files.

The custom ODBC driver that you build using SimbaEngine X can integrate seamlessly with Tableau’s Data Source Connection (TDC) files, allowing your customers to fine-tune their ODBC connection. This is just one of the many ways in which Simba Technologies® Certified-for-Tableau Custom ODBC Driver Program helps you build the best drivers for your customers.

So how is this done?

The TDC file contains configuration information that Tableau applies to any connection matching the database vendor name and driver name defined in the file. So to allow Tableau to utilize the TDC file for your custom ODBC driver, you configure the driver to set the driver and the vendor name, then set the driver and vendor name in the TDC file. This is easy to do by following the instructions in Day Five of Simba Technologies’ step-by-step Five Day Guides.

Certified-for-Tableau Program

Simba Certified-for-Tableau Simba Certified-for-Tableau Program lets you validate that the ODBC drivers you’re building with the SimbaEngine X SDK seamlessly interoperate with Tableau BI Software. If you are developing ODBC drivers for work with Tableau, checkout other advantages of using Certified-for-Tableau program.