Wow!  I was reading on Forbes that Big Data Market will be worth $50 billion by 2017.  That is huge!  The Forbes article heavily references a report by Wikibon analyst Jeff Kelly entitled “Big Data Market Size and Vendor Revenues“.

According to the report, the Big Data pure play vendors account for $310 million in revenue with the top 5 being:

1. Vertica – $84 million

2. Aster Data – $52 million

3. Splunk – $45 million

4. Greenplum – $43 million

5. 1010data – $25 million

Of course, Vertica was snapped up by HP, Aster Data was acquired by Teradata, and Greenplum was bought by EMC in the last couple of years.

In the Hadoop space, it is interesting that the revenues for the 3 major distributions are:

1. Cloudera – $18 million

2. MapR – $7 million

3. HortonWorks – $3 million

Cloudera has partnered with Oracle for their Big Data Appliance while MapR and HortonWorks have partnered with EMC Greenplum and Microsoft respectively.