DM Radio Deep Dive: Craig Chaplin on fully connecting and enabling the modern data ecosystem

The modern enterprise creates and uses data in and from more sources than ever before, with many of those sources in the cloud. Game-changing solutions like Salesforce and Marketo created new centers of gravity, alongside other interstellar forces like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, the Google Cloud Platform and others.

Multi-cloud is the new norm, and that’s posing serious challenges for the entire data management team. As such, a new approach is required for organizations that want to leverage the growing array of cloud-based services – especially while navigating their way to a digital transformation end point.

In this DM Radio Deep Dive, our Craig Chaplin joins DM Radio host, Eric Kavanagh, to discuss why organizations must establish a new approach to data access and management if they want to truly harness their expanding assortment of cloud/SaaS services for better (and faster!) decisions that feed operational and strategic enhancements including improved customer experiences.

Key topics:

  • Why traditional solutions like data warehousing (DW) must be augmented to handle the complexity, fragmentation and efficiency demands of modern data management;
  • The evolution of applications and data deployments;
  • The pros and cons of on-premises, cloud and hybrid deployment patterns;
  • Which deployment pattern is best:
  • Determining where data should reside for the most effective connectivity management.

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