This guest post is by Tim Wong of Simba Technologies partner Couchbase.

ODBC has been around since the early 1990’s as a standard API to access various data sources, traditionally against structured data sources like relational databases.  SIMBA Technologies recently released an ODBC Driver for Couchbase; this has opened up Couchbase to a number of third party data integration and reporting tools.  This is a quick start guide on how to configure ODBC access for Couchbase on a Windows workstation with the SIMBA ODBC Driver for Couchbase.

Installation of the SIMBA ODBC Drivers

Software Requirements for this Guide

Windows Operating System (Windows 7 or higher)
SIMBA Couchbase ODBC driver
Couchbase 4.x
Install Couchbase Sample Buckets (beer-sample and travel-sample)

Installation of the SIMBA Drivers is straightforward, download the installer files from the SIMBA Technologies website and run the installer utility compatible (32-bit or 64-bit) with the application you are running.
Installing the Simba ODBC Driver for Couchbase
Installing the Simba ODBC Driver for Couchbase