HBaseCon was conveniently the day after Cassandra Summit so I added it onto last weeks’ itinerary with no additional travel amidst a rather busy June. This being the second “Con”, Michael Stack et al maintained the HBase community’s informal and inclusive feel even in a large hotel ballroom.

The opener was a series of state-of-union-type addresses which included:

  • the state of the current 0.94 release
  • ideas and work-in-progress for the next release, 0.96
  • looking around the ecosystem
  • an informative view inside HBase’s originator, Facebook

I followed the ecosystem track for the remainder of the morning which is best described as a homage to SQL:

  • Hive + HBase
  • Phoenix on HBase
  • Impala + HBase
  • Drill + HBase

I spent the afternoon on a mix of real-world deployment, panels and architectural sessions:

  • HBase at Pinterest
  • Panel on HBase future
  • Understanding HBase’s usage of HDFS
  • A healthcare vertical’s view of HBase
  • Panel on HBase operations

The community aspect of HBase was very much present and helped to give the event an unconference feel. This is a good thing.

I will update this post once slides and videos are available.