The Simba Technologies website has a new face! We have redesigned to give it a new look and feel. But the changes go deeper than cosmetics. We’ve improved UX to make the site easier to navigate, and rearchitected the site to juice performance and enhance security.

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More drivers, more partners, more growth

Simba customers and partners succeed with Simba connectivity, and our new-and-improved is designed to support not just our own growth, but our partners’ and customers’ success as well. Faster performance and even-greater website stability are paramount for the new-and-improved as it scales with the company’s success. Expect more features, more data sources, and more connectivity expertise, all available through

Designed for connecting

We listened to your input:

  • The site is easier to navigate–New UX design prioritizes dynamic content, with product and technology information easy to find.
  • Tinkering under the hood: Pages load faster and the site is even-more stable.
    Purchase workflow is simplified–Fewer steps to buy means you get connected to your data faster and easier.
  • Got bookmarks? They won’t be lost! Many of our old-site URLs are the same in the new site, and where we’ve made changes, we’ve added redirects to ensure you won’t see a dreaded 404. (In the slim chance you do, tell us and we’ll fix it!)

I hope you like the new Whether you do or not, we’d love to hear from you. Got feedback? Email me and tell me what you think.