Last week, I was part of the Simba team at Strata Conference / Hadoop World.  Simba has become a key player in the Big Data and Hadoop worlds because we provide the bridge between today’s enterprise world of SQL and the Big Data NoSQL world.  Simba has developed ODBC drivers that allow you to use your existing BI and reporting tools with all of your Big Data or NoSQL data sources like Hive/Hadoop, MongoDB, Cassandra, and Google BigQuery.  It was great to be at Strata because we have worked out deals with companies like Cloudera, DataStax, HortonWorks, Intel, MapR, Microsoft, and Qubole to include Simba’s ODBC driver for Hive into their Hadoop distributions.  This means that, for example, if you use Cloudera’s CDH, Simba’s Hive ODBC driver is included as part of the distribution and you do not have to pay extra for the Hive ODBC driver.  The Hive ODBC driver is integrated in the distribution and works seamlessly to allow connectivity from things like Excel and Tableau to CDH.  It was also nice to get some press from Datanami in their write up on Who`s winning the Hadoop Wars. The ODBC standard has been around for a long time and adapting it to work with Big Data has been and continues to be interesting as the entire Hadoop ecosystem evolves and advances. Being the recognized standard Hive ODBC driver means that Simba will continue to work with all of the major players to ensure seamless connectivity to your data in Hadoop and the best part is that since the driver is included in all major Hadoop distributions, we can truly say “Hive ODBC driver included for free”. You can get more information on Simba`s Apache Hive ODBC driver here.