Working in the database technology business, we run into a lot of software companies who have some sort of data or database engine. A lot of these software companies are very focused on building the next generation of powerful database engine. They often come to Simba asking how they can connect with front end visualization and analytics products like Microsoft Excel, SAP BusinessObjects Crystal Reports, SAP Lumira (formerly Visual Intelligence), MicroStrategy, and of course Tableau.  Tableau is today one of the hottest companies in data visualization.

All of the Big Data vendors want to demonstrate that Tableau connects to their unique data engine.  So how do you connect your data engine to products like Tableau?  The answer is simple, build an ODBC driver.  Of course, building an ODBC driver is not simple.  Although the ODBC standard has been around for many years and is relatively easy to follow, to be able to properly connect with all these wonderful products, you must understand data connectivity.  This is what Simba does.  Our SimbaEngine ODBC SDK is proven – we have been doing this for more than 2 decades.  SimbaEngine ODBC SDK is recognized by companies like Tableau as a premier solution that will work.  So, if you build your ODBC driver using the SimbaEngine ODBC SDK, you know that Tableau will work with your data engine.  In fact, you know that Excel, SAP, Tableau, etc will *ALL* work with your data engine.