Now that Cognos is part of IBM, I am curious what IBM’s strategy is. Stephen Swoyer wrote an interesting article on the future of IBM and Cognos, which you can read here: Interestingly, in the article he writes:

"What IBM is marketing, Mills said, isn’t information integration snake oil, but an information-on-demand vision that puts the right information (including analytic insights) in the dashboards, reports, or pie charts of business decision makers. IBM plans to do that by yoking the Cognos BI and PM technologies to its more explicit middleware assets, offering decision makers what Mills touted as a ‘complete end-to-end set of capabilities.’"

This to me is an interesting part of the three big BI acquisitions of last year in Performance Management (PM). I think Oracle bought Hyperion because it was the leader in the PM pace. Even though Hyperion was smaller than either Business Objects or Cognos, Hyperion definitely had a lead in PM. Microsoft buying ProClarity and then releasing Performance Point Server, and SAP first buying Outlooksoft and then buying Business Objects (which had previously bought Cartesis) shows clearly that everyone feels PM is important. IBM and Cognos don’t have a lot of overlapping products, so I expect their integration will happen very quickly. The positioning of the combined IBM/Cognos around PM is worth watching.